LUCO-D checks white or yellowish discharge from the vagina. Effective in backache, vertigo and general weakness etc. Luco-D restores vaginal pH thus minimizing chances of infection and reduces the relapse rate.
Indications :
Leucorrhoea, uteritis, backache etc
Dose :
CAPSULES: 1-2 capsules two or three times a day.
TABLETS : 2 tablets three times a day.
Pharmaceutical Form
10 Capsules Strip & 100 Tabs. Box
Each 500mg. contains:  
Gossypium herbaceum
100 mg.
Withania somnifera
100 mg.
Quercus infectoria
75 mg.
Juglan regia
75 mg.
Areca caetechu linn
60 mg.
Trapa bispinosa roxb
60 mg.
Plantago ispagula
25 mg.
Calcined qalai 2.5 mg.
Calcined musallas 2.5 mg.
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