LUCO-D Capsule checks white or yellowish discharge from the vagina.
Backache, vertigo and general weakness etc. Luco-D restores vaginal pH
thus minimizing chances of infestation and reduce the relapse rate.

Indications :

Leucorrhoea, uteritis, backache and also useful in premature ejaculation.

Dose :
CAPSULES: 1-2 capsules two or three times a day.
TABLETS : 2 tablets three times a day.
Pharmaceutical Form

10x10 capsule strips.

Each 500mg. contains:  
Magz- Panbadana          (Gosypium Herbaceum)
100 mg.
Asgandh Nagori              (Withania Somnifera) 
100 mg.
Mazo Sabz                      (Quercus Infectoria)
75 mg.
Joz Bawa                        (Juglan Regia)
75 mg.
Gul-E-Supari                  (Areca Caetechu Linn)
60 mg.
Singhara Khushk            (Trapa Bispinosa Roxb)
60 mg.
Saboos Ispgol                 (Plantago Ispagula)
25 mg.
Kushta Qalai                   (Calx)
2.5 mg.
Kushta Musalas              (Calx)
2.5 mg.
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