LlVO-D is very useful in the treatment of various liver disorders. It corrects sluggish and enlarged liver. LIVO-D tones up the entire digestive organs and stimulates appetite, removes constipation. LIVO-D also increases weight and normal growth.
Indications :
Oedema, Ascitis, Anorexia, Hepatitis, Jaundice and Liver dysfunctions etc.
Dose :
SYRUP : 5 to 10 ml. three times a day.
TABLETS : 2 to 3 tablets three times a day.
DROPS : 5-10 drops thrice a day.
Pharmaceutical Form
SYRUP: 100 ml. and 200 ml. Bottle
TABLETS: 1000 and 100 Tablets Pack
DROPS: 30 ml. Bottle
Each 10 ml. contains:  
Protulaca oleracea
Tribulus terrestris 80mg.
Butea monosperma 80mg.
Terminalia arjuna 80mg.
Solanum nigrum 80mg.
Cucamis melo 40mg.
Fagonia arabica 20mg.
Cichorium intybus 40mg.
Each.400 mg. tablet contains:  
Solanum nigrum
60 mg.
Terminalia arjuna
50 mg.
Eclipta erecta 40 mg.
Tribulus terrestris 40 mg.
Cichorium intybus 30 mg.
Rheum emodi 30 mg.
Tephrosia purpurea 30 mg.
Terminalia chebula retz. 20 mg.
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