HERBOCID dependable haemostat which hastens the clotting process. Herbocid aids contraction of the Uterine Musculature to check uterine bleeding. Herbocid gives good results when menstrual flow is excessive or prolonged.

Indications :

Heamaturia, Poly Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Post Partum Bleeding, Post Partum Haemorrhagia Premenopausal Bleeding. Epistaxis, Haemorrhoids, Haemoptysis and haemorrhages of varied etiology.

Dose :

Two to three tablets three times in a day.

Pharmaceutical Form

100 Tabs. Pack
15*5 Strip packing


Each tablets contains:

Dammul Akwain               (Dracena Cinnabari)
200 mg.
Naar Mushk                      (Mesua Ferra Linn)
200 mg.
Gond Keekar                    (Acacia Arabicagum) 
5 mg.
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