Dardeena Oil is a pain relieving oil. It has to be applied locally on the affected area. It start giving relief as soon as you apply. 

Advantages of dardeena are
Quick Relief
Faster absorption, no stains on clothes
No foul odor

Indications :

Back pain, joint pain, Sciatica, muscular pain.

Dose :

As per the requirement

Pharmaceutical Form

30 ml and 60 ml in a bottle with outer carton.

Each 10 ml. contains:  
Kaiphal                   (Marica Nagi)             
19.50 mg.
Majeeth                  (Rubia Cardifolia)
19.50 mg.
Jaiphal                    (Myristica Fragrans)   
15.50 mg.
Burada Sandal Safaid       (Santalum Album)
19.50 mg.
Kuchla Muddabir   (Strychnos Nuxvomica)
39.00 mg.
Amba haldi             (Curcuma Amada)
19.50 mg.
Jawitri                     (Myristica Fragrans)
15.50 mg.
Jadvar Khatai          (Curcuma Zedoria Rise)
19.50 mg.
Darchni                   (Cinnamomum Iners)
19.50 mg.
Tejpat                     (Cinnamomum Iners) 
78.00 mg.
Kabab-e-Khandan (Zanthoxylum Alectum)
19.50 mg.
Long                      (Myrtus Caryophyllus)

9.75 mg.

Rattan jot               (Onosma Echioides)   
117.25 mg.
Kapoor                  (Cinnamomum Camphora)

39.00 mg.

Roghan Kunjad      (Sesamum Oil)
2.5 ml.
Roghan Talk           (Oil Prunusa Migdalus Amora)

2.5 ml

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