When the abnormal Metabolic Products like allergens, bacteria, virus, bile pigments, carbon dioxide, lipids etc, may have rendered the blood “Impure” after that they develop acne, pimples, and allergic conditions. The B-PURE syrup and tablet removes all the impurities which causes conditions.

Unlike other products available in market B. Pure is made of distillation process, which makes it fast acting with good taste. This makes B.Pure patient compliance resulting in better action. Most of the other products available in market have bitter taste, which makes them very difficult to take.

Indications :

Pruritus, Boils, Eczema, Chroic Dermatitis, Chronic Urticaria and other

Dose :

10 to 15 ml. three times in a day. | 2-3 tablets twice or thrice a day.

Pharmaceutical Form

Syrup 100/200 ml. bottle | 100/ 1000 tablets pack.

Each 10 ml. contains:  

Barg-E-Neem  (Melia Azadirachta)                      15 mg.
Barg-E-Hina  (Lawsonia Alba)                             15 mg.
Bhangra  (Eclipta Erecta)                                    15 mg.
Mundi  (Sphaeranthus Indicus)                            15 mg.
Gul-E-Surkh  (Rosa Damascena)                        15 mg.
Bisfayej  (Poly podium Vulgare)                          10 mg.
Shahatara  (Fumaria Officinalis)                         10 mg.
Chirayta  (Swertia Chirata)                                   5 mg.

Each.400 mg. tablet contains:  
Barg-E-Neem  (Melia Azadirachta)                     60  mg.
Barg-E-Hina  (Lawsonia Alba)                            60  mg.
Bhangra  (Eclipta Erecta)                                   60  mg.
Mundi  (Sphaeranthus Indicus)                           60  mg.
Gul-E-Surkh  (Rosa Damaseena)                       40  mg.
Bisfayej  (Polypodium Vulgare)                           40  mg.
Bakayan (Melia Azedarca)                                  60  mg.
Chirayta  (Swertia Chirata)                                  20  mg.
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