PILO-D Tablets control bleeding through astringent action. It checks
pain and clear constipation.
Relief start right from the first dose

Indications :

Hemorrhoids (Internal & External) Vericos Vein, Anal Fissures,
Pruritus etc.

Dose :

Two to three tablets three a day after 8 days 2 tabs. twice in a day.

Pharmaceutical Form

100 Tabs. Pack

Each Tablet contains:  
Rasut                           (Berberis Aristata)
75 mg.
Post Halela Zard          (Terminalia Chebula Ritz)
75 mg.
Muqil                           (Commiphora Mukul)
25 mg.
Fitkari                          (Alumin)
25 mg.
Geru                           (Silicate Of Alumina) 
25 mg.
Karanjwa                   (Caesal Pinia Bonduc)  
25 mg.
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