The Neurin is very effective in the treatment of general mental
tension. It gives a sense of well being to patients. Removes anxiety
depression and stress. Neuin is also useful alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Indications :
Insomnia, tension, nervous irritability and anxiety neurosis.
Dose :

5 ml to 10 ml three times a day.
1-2 tablets twice a day

Pharmaceutical Form

Syrup 100 ml.& 200 ml Bottle
100 tablets pack
10x10 in blister form

Each 5 ml. contains:  
Aftimoon Vilaiti            (Cuscuta Epithymum) 
75 mg.
Khashkhash Safaid  (Papaver Somniferum)
75 mg.
Nilofar                               (Nymphaea Alba)
75 mg.
Sandal Safaid                  (Santalum Album)
75 mg.
Each 400 mg. Tablet contains:  
Aftimoon Vilaiti                (Cuscuta Epithymum)
100 mg.
Khashkhash Safaid       (Papaver Somniferum)
100 mg.
Nilofar                            (Nymphaea Alba)
100 mg.
Sandal Safaid                (Santalum Album)
100 mg.
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