DIRO-D Syrup

Diro-D pronounced astringent action, immediately reduce the number of stools and control nausea & vomiting. Specially recommended for infant diarrheas. Made from distillation process for faster action and better taste.
Contains podina and lemon which helps in nausea and vomiting also

Indications :

Diarrhoea and Amebic Dysentery.

Dose :

5 to 10 ml. two to three times in a day.

Pharmaceutical Form

Syrup 100 ml. Bottle

Each 10 ml. contains:  
Madar Flowers  (Calotropis Procera)
400  mg.
Zanjabeel          (Zingber Officinale)
300  mg.
Gul-E- Surkh    (Rosa Damascena)
300  mg.
Badiyan           (Foeniculum Vulgare)
300  mg.
Nagar Motha   (Cyperus Pertenuis)
300  mg.
Podina            (Mentha Piperita)
300  mg.
Lemon Seeds (Citrus Aurantifolia)
100  mg.
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