D.L.F. Capsules

D.L.F capsule is a strong emmenagogue which stimulates ovarian function and improve menstrual blood flow. It is unique product which is used in amenorrhea.

Indications :

Amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, Urinary tract infaction.

Dose :

One to two capsules twice/thrice in a day for 5 days or till the start of menstrual cycle. Again continue 5 days before the next day, to be taken for three cycles. Works very well in combination of Gynoherb

Pharmaceutical Form

10 x 10 capsule strip


Each capsule contains:

Abhal  (Juneperus Communis)
150 mg.
Tukhm-E- Gazar  (Daucus Carata)
150 mg.
Amaltas  (Cassia Fistula) 
200 mg.
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